Sunday, August 08, 2010

Painted Wallpaper

While catching up on my blog reading this morning I came across this wonderful tutorial for painted wall paper.


Gorgeous isn't it? The whole room is so inviting, and the whole blog is a feast for the eyes. What caught my eye next was the pillow on the chair. Its identical to the one I made and wrote the tutorial for!


(Please see her gracious comment on this post.

I was very excited this week to have my pillow featured in The Examiner.
Rebecca has a column that features links to other, "trash to treasure projects." Check it out for some great inspiration.


Kristy said...

Sometimes it really is a coincidence. I remember designing a dress and 2 weeks later I saw it in a fashion show on t.v. However ideas do spread. I agree that it would be nice to be recognized for your designs. We have a friend who is an unconscious copy cat artist. He'll see something, like it, and a few weeks later he'll make something almost identical. However he truly believes that it is 100% original.

Either way, it is a beautiful pillow. I'll have to check out your tutorial on it.

emily said...

Tricia ... first, thank you so much for the compliments on my room & blog. How very sweet of you. Second, I am sorry if you felt 'copied' by the pillow ... this is actually my first time to your website {I'm excited to take a look around} and so I can honestly say that this pillow was an 'original' idea - although clearly, not so original. I do think your use of a shirt for the buttons up the back is brilliant. Anyway, I understand how it feels to create something and then not get credit for it. I will keep this in mind when I do my tutorials next week. The wonderful thing about blogging is that there is so much more exposure for ideas then there has ever been before and I love taking inspiration and then re-doing a project in my own way. Blessings to you!

Michelle said...

absolutely beautiful room!!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Tricia, thanks again for letting me feature your fabulous pillow project! And look how many people you've inspired! Don't you love that?

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Kate did an amazing job! I recently got to meet her in NYC and just had to talk to her about this room, every time I see pictures I'm impressed all over again.

Have a great day Tricia! Janell

Niki said...

Just thought i'd send a little comment. I have actually seen so many of those pillows floating around, for a long time... here are just a few similar :) the first I saw was on V and Co, but I can only find the PDF file, not the original post, but it is easily searchable.

Just thought i'd point it out that while it is absolutely beautiful, it definitely is not the only one :)