Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yes, Another Pillow Post

Sharon, over at Farm and Fru Fru Made this, "lettuce leaf," pillow using what she had on hand; one brown and one green t-shirt. I think it turned out beautifully.



Lisa Madden Bass said...

That is so cute; thank you for sharing it with us, I suppose I'll on over to Farm and Fru Fru.
Have a great day!


Sharon Stanley said...

thanks tricia for the pillow post! you are starting a real trend with these! i'm thinking of a whole garden of ruffle garden pillows....carrots...radishes...corn...i can see so many colors! thanks again...

Josh said...

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Shannon said...

Hi Tricia! I found your blog last night when looking for cute pillow ideas....and I started making a pillow immediately! I just finished (I did take a break to go to work, just in case you are wondering) and wanted to share it w/'s a little different than the ones you've shown....hopefully you will like and feel that I've brought justice to your fabulous idea!!

Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!