Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Burned Wood Ornament

Yes, it's been two years, but I am still crafting! Every year I give my grandchildren an ornament, so that when they move away form home, they will have a collection of memories to decorate their tree with. This year I decided to give them handmade ornaments with their initial burned onto it. I found a font I liked and printed it. While I was doing that, my husband was slicing 1/2 inch thick rounds of wood, from a branch we found in the yard.
Using a piece of carbon paper, I traced the letter onto the wood.
I used the image as a guideline for burning the wood.
When I finished, it looked like this.
Using a dremel, (or you could use a drill,) I made a hole at the top of the ornament.
I threaded some ribbon through the hole.
I also put the date on the back
And hung it on the tree.