Thursday, August 05, 2010

Making Books

I love books, always have. I remember getting my first library card before I was in kindergarten, and my mom would take me weekly to pick out new books. In the evenings I would sit on my dads lap while he read the newspaper, or read to me and I would think, "I can't wait to be able to read by myself." As well as reading books, I like making them and have always wanted to learn book binding. Today I made my first attempt at making a, "real," book. Real as in I didn't wing it but followed instructions on how to sew the binding. Because I enjoy hand sewing this was pretty easy. The entire book, from hand cutting all the papers, ( and using the corner rounder on all 74 pages,) to binding and attaching the cover, took me about 31/2 hours.

I found directions in the book, "re-bound," by Jeannine Stein.


The finished book.


The binding. The directions called for waxed linen thread. I didn;t have that and waxed some hemp that I had laying around. It was a bit too thick so I'm going to try embroidery floss next time.


The front and back.



Knit Purl Gurl said...

So cute! LOVE the Starbucks gift cards as the covers!!

Krista said...

oh, great mini book!

Ashley said...

what a good idea! I love the idea of the gift card covers!!! cute!

Lisa Madden Bass said...

I love the book you made, it is so cute; I'm a book lover myself! I suppose I need to get a copy "Rebound."
Thank you for sharing!


Margret said...

Cool! I have that book too, haven't made anything yet but...

Elizabeth {sunny bug} said...

I love these little books! Of course I've added it to my long and growing list of projects! I wanted to let you know I have an award for you over at Sunny Bug:

Rebecca said...

How clever! I love books as well and have considered looking into book binding to be able to make notebooks out of some old vintage books I've found that are in sad shape and could use new life. Good job!

Kathleen said...


this is the sweetest little book! can you still use the starbucks cards? that would be funny. i wonder what the barista would say.

Kim Carney said...

Love that!