Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cashmere Wrap

A couple of months ago I bought a large, purple, cashmere, turtleneck sweater at a garage sale for $1. Living in Florida, I knew I'd never wear the sweater even if it did fit, but it was only $1 and I knew I'd eventually find a use for it.
Last week while reading through other craft blogs, I came across this awesome project, turn a sweater into a fashionable wrap!
I followed the tutorial, and am thrilled with the results!

To make your own wrap, go over to My Mama Made It for easy to follow, step by step directions.


Just say Julie said...

I just pulled out some old sweaters from storage that I don't wear anymore. I may just have to try this. Yours look fabulous!

Kristen said...

looks great! Super cute way to change up your wardrobe for winter without having to spend money!!

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

Sooo cute!!

gilstrapdesigns said...

Loving it. Now see that's gonna make me go through all of my sweaters and see if I can do this.
Thank you for sharing this with us