Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Book Page Garland

I was hoping to get better pictures before posting this, but that's not going to happen, so here you go. I pulled out some pages from a book I'm getting ready to alter, and spent about half an hour watching tv and cutting out leaf shapes.


 I did a water color wash in fall colors, on about 1/5 of the leaves.


I cut some thin paddle wire, (found in the floral department,) into 12 inch lengths and taped one to the back of each leaf.


Then I started twisting the leaves together one by one, like you'd make a traditional greenery garland. How to HERE.





Emily Wedin said...

I think that is so adorable and creative! You truly are crafty! i just started a craft blog too it is not so good but I'm working on it!

burçin şahin said...

Anonymous said...

Your idea is cute and crafty. As much as I love how this looks I just don’t think that I could willingly rip pages out of a book. That might be because I never buy a book that I will want to say goodbye to.

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