Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Danmade Coffee Table

I'm really loving Dan Faires projects.... I think I need to invest in a circular saw.


1 Funky Woman said...

Wow what a fabulous table. I love the wheels. I've never seen his show, I'm definitely going to have to look him up. I love that little cloche that was on there too!


Daniel Grady Faires said...

You should definitely invest in a circular saw! Or, get the hardware store to cut your wood for you! I'm glad you enjoyed the "Danmade" coffee table. If I can inspire you to get a circular saw, I've surely done my job!

More DIY fun coming soon! Stay tuned to for a new episode each week!



Kimberly said...

There was a booth at Renninger's Flea Market, in Mt Dora, that had those turned wood bowls for $10. They had tons of them. They have their big Antique Extravaganza going on in 2 weeks (Feb 19-20).

Jessica Stier said...

That's awesome!!! I am thinking I need a circular saw too. Maybe I should buy one for my husband. hehehe!!!

Thanks for sharing the link. I hadn't seen this before and now I'm hooked!

jonwadsworth said...

Why did you choose to put "L" brackets on the bottom, but 4" screws to attach the top plank? Would 4" screws work for attaching the top and bottom?