Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm working on a project, but first I want to show you how I used the garlands I made for the fourth of July.


The guys were actually in a much better mood than they appear.


The project I'm working on now and hope to post later this week involves one of my old t- shirts and one of my husbands old business shirts. Here's a little teaser.




Any guesses on what I'm making?


radioactivegan said...

I'm not sure at all what you're making, but I LOVE the ruffles! How do you make them so even?

Shannon said...

I just found your fabulous blog through when I was searching for inspiration on making a bracelet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lanvin inspired one you did with the ribbon. Can I ask a question? What size pearls and ribbon did you use? I know I'll probably have to see what I like best but I thought maybe your sizes would give me a jumping off point.
It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

A throw pillow with a cool ruffed embellishment (like a flower)? I'm VERY curious!

Lisa Madden Bass said...

Some fab pillows with lovely ruffles...can't wait to see how they come out!

Tricia said...

Shannon, I believe my ribbon was 1/2" wide and the pearls were the same width. You can use any width ribbon you want as long as your beads are as big as your ribbon is wide.

Krista said...

Great garland! I love making tissue paper flowers.