Thursday, February 25, 2010

A FInished Papier Mache BIrd

But....its not mine. Instead of working on my bird this past weekend, my sweetie and I went to the beach. What can I say? Its one of the hazards of living in Florida :)

However, while I was off playing, Doro was busy creating her own papier mache bird. Isn't it gorgeous?

I like it even better than the inspiration birds at Anthropologie. Check Doro's blog and her links, she does beautiful illustrations.


Amy said...

That bird is great!! Very very effective.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! thanks for sharing :D

gilstrapdesigns said...

Oh it turned out so good. It's so pretty I love the colors you painted it. Are you going to do more. I still have to try to make one.

Thanks for sharing

Nadia Marie said...

Tricia, many blessings to you! What a beautiful bird you made! Do you have a tutorial for making them? You have such talent! I love your blog posts!


Nadia Marie said...

Just saw the previous post and the fact that you had already included a tutorial! LOL! Those Anthropologie birds are gorgeous but very pricey indeed! Thanks for giving us an alternative! I can't wait to make a few to decorate my home with! Thanks for the inspiration!


kanishk said...

beautiful! thanks for sharing
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Anonymous said...
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