Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paper Clip Hearts

Using 4-5 inches of wire, find the middle and bend it into a point, then take your needle nose or jewelry pliers, and curl each end.


I use my fingers to bend the curled ends in forming a heart.


Heart shaped paper clips!



Mrs. J said...

they look so cute!

Laura said...

This is a great idea! They are a lovely detail to add to papergoods, thanks for sharing!

jennwa said...

I love that idea. It is so cute.

Anonymous said...

I made a few of these and use them as gift adornments. Wonderful idea thanks!

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

Super super cute! A friend once gave me a set of animal-shaped paperclips from a store, but I never thought about making my own. How fun!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

I had no idea these could be so easy. Thanks for the quick tutorail!

Abhinav Rastogi said...

hey!! did you really make these yourself?? NICE! shows your creativity..
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i show my creativity there!

Sarah said...

I was just at a friend's blog and saw that she used your folded heart notes idea and posted your blog. I couldn't believe it - what a small world!
She's at:
Love you!

Macie said...

So classy! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

iHanna said...

Oh what a cute idea, love it! I'm so into hearts right now!

trish said...

So cute!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne