Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Any Reccomendations?

I want to purchase an inkjet printer to expand my crafting horizons. I had one a couple of years ago but it went through ink like a hot knife through butter so I gave it away.
So, can anyone out there steer me to a good printer?


carmine studio said...

if you get a printer with dry toner, you can use a cleaning product called "Goof Off" for image transfer

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

I have a 3-in-1 Canon that I adore! I print a LOT of photos and cardstock. Ink seems to last a long time and I always get a perfect print.


- Michele

Jessica Levy said...

I work with DOVE Chocolate and I'm always looking for fun and crafty ideas. Thanks for the tip!

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Karen said...

Do you ever print on fabric? I have heard Epson is the way to go. It is not an Inkjet though. They also have a printer that prints on a wider piece of paper/fabric than your regular printer. I have a Kodak that I love but the next one will be an Epson for sure.

tara said...

Great question. i am going to checking back to see what everyone suggests. And let us know what you get and how it works.

Kimberly said...

I had an Epson printer/scanner, but it too was expensive to keep running. It now sits and I use Roger's laser printer, but I can't do cardstock, labels, or even glossy photo paper.

With Roger's laser printer, if one color runs out, it still gives you the option to print in blk/wht. If ANY color in my Epson runs out, the whole things shuts down. There is no printing unless all 6 cartridges are full and functioning. So if I am out of blue, there is no blk/wht text printing, which is a real pain!

I was tempted to go to Walmart and buy the cheapest printer I could find, that runs on the cheapest ink, just so I could have one in my office again! So if you get a good tip on one, let me know.

Ginny of Sunflowers at Home said...

I use a kodak printer (the 3250 I think) it is an all in one and the ink is really inexpensive ($25 for a set of black and color which is what 1 black cartridge was on my old printer). The ink lasts a while and I get really good quality. It is slower than my old printer but the cost savings is worth it!

kanishk said...

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Chelsea said...

We have this:

And have been using it for about a year. We go through about one ink cartridge every 4-6 months, depending on how many papers my grad-school husband has to print.

We found ours on ebay for $99 with free shipping.

Pamelas Creation Station said...

Kodak easy share 5500

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Good resources, I need a new one as well! Hey, stop on over to my blog, you are one of my giveaway winners! Janell

Liz said...

I have an HP Photosmart C5280 All in One (Printer, Scanner and Copier). Awesome for printing a quick pic for scrapbooking...just awesome machine. I only buy HP I tht\ink they are awesome printers, this is my 3rd HP never to replace but to improve.