Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paper Beads

Strolling through the Martha Stewart section of my local craft store I was surprised to see a craft kit she has that teaches you how to make paper beads. I learned how to make them as a kid and thought everyone else must have also. I saw that most of her craft kits were things I already knew how to do. It hit me then that I am what the french refer to as a, "woman of a certain age," So for all the spring chickens out there, here is how to make paper beads.

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Cut out strips of paper. I used heavy glossy advertising pages from a magazine.

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Cut each strip into two triangles. Do this by cutting from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner.

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Get a skewer, (this is what you'll form your bead on,) and put a drop of glue on the endof the piece of paper. Then roll the triangle of paper up evenly and tightly, gluing a bit as you go.

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You will end up with a bead that looks like this. The bead will need to be sealed, I've always used clear nail polish or matte medium. I lke sealing it while still on the skewer, but be very careful not to seal it to the skewer. Slie them of the skewer when they are dry, and use them in any jewelry making project.


Anonymous said...

Is the bead of glue on the skewer, if so how do you get it off when the bead is done?

Kimberly said...

I think you will like this paper bead outfit!

We use wallpaper from old sample books. Textured wallpaper almost looks like shells. Plus there are many different designs that you can cut, to make different shaped beads. We use to have a folder full of design shpes for my high schoolers to work on if they finished their work.

Nichole Dirks said...

Love the tutorial. I may have to dig out some old magazines and try this again sometime.

Nan said...

Hey, this is pretty cool, I have seen them as finished objects and was told how to make them, but I have never tried it, yet... that is, but now "SEEING" how to do it, [I am kind of a visual learner} I might be more inclined to actually try it, thanks for the instructions.

This would really qualify for my contest on my blog that runs though next Thursday, a recycling craft contest, there are prized I have made by recycling and they are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Visit me and see if you're interested, it might help me out too if I could get a plug from you on your blog to your readers to enter the contest too or for them to come and vote on the days I have set for that if you do enter a project. I'll be back!! Nan

Laura said...

This is a fab idea, thanks for sharing! I'm going t giv a try and I'll let you know how I get on, thanks.