Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This one I made using the colors of the water in Nassau

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This was made for Jessica using vintage Miriam Haskel beads

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Vintage pink and black beads...very Barbie like.

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majamom said...

What Beautiful bracelets!!
I especially Love the BLUE!

Aimee said...

Oh my gosh! They are all very cute. I'm glad that you commented so I could find your blog. :) I especially love the pink one, it is very retro Barbi looking.

I am going to try your idea and see if I can find someone to barter haircuts with. I usually have to get my hubby to do it, or I do it myself! Scary!

Anonymous said...

WOW. fabulicious. can i ask how you made it? i love making charm bracelets (i learned from my grandma) but i've sort of forgotten how to do it...i know it has something to do with a craft store chain (where do you get it?), jump rings, and charms.. but i dunno where to get everything...
where do you get your craft materials?