Friday, February 17, 2006

Soda can book

Megan has been drinking these Blue Sky drinks, (the source for my blue can tabs,) and I thought the can was too pretty to thow away. I cut the can apart and folded down the rough edges. I used a mac and cheese box as the cover, to which I hot glued the can. The inside pages are cut from a grocery bag. I like the idea, but think I might make a few changes if I make it again.

The supplies:

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The finished book:

Image hosting by Photobucket


allison said...

Very cool idea. I love tiny books.

majamom said...

THis is Fantastic and recycling throw aways to make somthing so wonderful!!!!!

woof nanny said...

I'm working on a vinyl quilt right now (I'll post soon), and I used a juice can for the top. I cut it, then used copper tape and soldered it to make it smooth. It looks great.